Top Secrets of Independent As well As Agency Escorts

In every industry, company or firm there are top secrets that are only known by the permanent employees. Sometimes the information is so sensitive that it is only disclosed to the inner circle of the management. This is because if the information went out to public, it would bring down that company in an instance.

How do escorts treat their job?

Many times many of us do not realize that escorting is also a profession like any other. We do not understand that the female escorts working in many of the agencies are also employees just as we are in our respective fields. For that reason, we tend to dig deep into these girls lives and profession. We want her to give us precise answers for all the questions we ask her. And if she fails to, we feel offended. But have you ever asked yourself why she is reluctant to give you some of the information you inquire from her? Do you know that this girl also work for an agency and has rules and regulations governing her?

You might say that independent Chennai escorts are free and has no rules governing them. Therefore they should feel free to disclose any information you need from them. However, that is very wrong. There is no single business that has no code of ethics. For that reason, there are two main questions an escort will never answer. These are:

Top Secrets of Independent As well As Agency Escorts

How many clients she sees in a day?

There is no female Anna Nagar escort whether independent or agency escorts will ever tell you the number of clients she attends to in a day. This is the same way you will never go telling everyone the stock of your shop. Escorts also have competitors and when she is serving you, she doesn’t know who you are and therefore, you might be a spy who hired her to find out about her life and use it against her.

Top Secrets of Independent As well As Agency Escorts

How much money she makes in a day?

No escort will ever tell you the amount of money she makes in a day unless you have a very close personal relationship. Just as you would not go telling everyone how much profit you make in a day or your monthly salary so is she. If you hire her, an Egmore female escort will remain professional. Just as this girl treats you in a professional manner, treat her in the same way too. This will bring mutual respect between the two of you and will make your session more interesting.

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