How long can a man maintain erection?

How long can a man maintain erection?

Sex is part and parcel of our lives. We usually measure the strength of a man by their strength in bed. A man who cannot maintain an erection long enough often get depressed than any other challenge in life. Nothing weighs a man down than his inability to perform sexually and meet with their partner’s sexual needs.

On the other hand, without proper understanding of how our bodies work, and how generally the body of a man works, women can push their men way too hard with unnecessary demands. It is therefore very important for both men and women to have some understanding of the longest duration a man can hold his erection. This not only settles him as a man but it also helps women in their expectations of sex. Many escorts have confessed meeting with men who are frustrated in life and who cannot believe in themselves because he was called a weakling by some woman who had weird expectations from him.

How long can a man maintain erection?

The average erection duration of a normal man

The average erection duration of the highest number of men is usually thirty to 45 minutes. However there are those who are able to keep it for more than one hour but they are very rare cases. The erection duration is measured from the minute the man reaches maximum hardness. Another question many people ask about erection is the ability of a man to maintain erection even after orgasm. This depends with the man. There are those who will maintain the hardness comfortably while others return to a lifeless state immediately after the orgasm. This however doesn’t mean the man is weak or has a clinical problem, this is normal and unavoidable.

How long can a man maintain erection?

Can a man’s erection duration be extended naturally?

Although many men turn to different medication available over the counter, what they don’t know is that they weaken their system more and more. However, the good news is, there are two main natural ways a man can improve his erection duration. One is by having long foreplay which ensures he has reached full hardness. This also helps him to warm up and prepare him psychologically. The second major way of extending your erection duration is by having a healthy lifestyle. Truth is most of the erectile dysfunction is mostly related to our health. According to Soniya, a female Chennai escort a strong and healthy person is able to maintain erection the longest time possible.


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