Factor Affecting the Service Rates of Female Escorts

Factor Affecting the Service Rates of Female Escorts

Every industry has special rates for the services they offer. Although there are always many different firms dealing in a given area, their charges might be different by a margin. They always take this as their marketing strategy. Many well-known and highly developed firms tend to be more expensive since they already have own established clients. No matter how cheap any other firm coming after them try to rate their products, it will not be easy to bring them down unless their products loses quality.

This is the same thing when it comes to escorting industry. What matters most and what will keep your escort agency live on is not so much how cheap your services are but the quality. This is the secret Aranvi Roy escort agency has thrived on. This is one of the most known escort agencies in city of Chennai. We are not only relatively affordable in ratings. We are the best in offering the quality of services we offer and their charges. There are a few guidelines that determine the service charge of hiring our escorts. These guidelines are:

Factor Affecting the Service Rates of Female Escorts

The duration of your booking

The longer the booking of the escort services, the more the discount given and vice versa. If you are hiring your independent female escort in Chennai for just a few hours, you are usually charged higher per hour than someone hiring the same escort for a day or two. On the other hand, if you are booking her for a day or two, you will end up paying more than someone booking an escort for a week or two. This is not only the case in Arnavi Roy escort agency only but many other genuine agencies as well. This is because; the client making a long-term booking will end up leaving more money to the agency than a short-term client.

Factor Affecting the Service Rates of Female Escorts

The services offered by the female escort

Our escort girls are always passionate about serving you for the longest time possible. We have Chromepet escort girls to give you any kind of services you would ever think of. However, the services offered are charged and discounted differently. The more demanding the service is, the more minimum time needed and hence the higher the possibility of it attracting a discount and vice versa. There are some services that are rarely requested, an agency might decide to put them on offer as way of marketing them.

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