Coded Language Used By Escorts

Coded Language Used By Escorts

In every industry, there is what we call layman’s language. Although many people usually associate this with medics however it applies in every field of expertise. For those who have little or no understanding of what a layman is, I’ll give a simple definition. A layman is a person without professional knowledge in a particular field or subject. Therefore, although this might feel so awkward, the truth is, there are also professionals in the escort industry.

Although most of those termed as professionals in this field are female Chennai escorts, their frequent clients also consider themselves as professionals. Just like there are common terms used in any profession that is only understood by the experts in those fields, this is the same case when it comes to the escort industry.

Coded Language Used By Escorts

For many people who have never been involved in the escort industry, it would be surprising for them to hear about the coded language used in the escort industry. Their shock is justified as this industry is famous for vernacular and slang language. For this reason, it would be very challenging to get a language that cuts across the globe. We should keep in mind that there are no notes or books teaching about this subject.

Know something before hiring escorts services

It is very important to understand that not all countries have embraced escorts as a legal business. For this reason, they have come up with coded language. It is mandatory to ensure they pass the right information to their clients and remain safe from rules governing their land. The one dollar question is how the two parties came up with this language bearing in mind that they are from different countries and communities with different cultural backgrounds. The truth is that the internet has made the world a global village. Most of the agencies also consider this as a mandatory skill to independent female escorts.

Coded Language Used By Escorts

Escorts together with their clients have come up with secret coded words. It makes it easier for them to get around their career’s legal gray area. Although this language is very common to their regular customers, it is a bit challenging to their new clients. But, with time they get to learn and become experts too. These days, it also becomes one of the factors which decides the service rates of these female escorts.

This is a list of common words from the coded language used by escorts.

  • Babyback” this refers to a “Petite, young and attractive Asian”.
  • Carpet Matches the Drapes” It refers to a natural blonde escort.
  • LBFM” is a short form of Little Brown F**king Machine.
  • Amazon” It refers to a tall, muscular, and fairly masculine woman.

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