Challenges of an Escort from the Point Of View of an Escort

Challenges of an Escort from the Point Of View of an Escort

Escorting is termed as the oldest profession. Every profession has its own challenges however much convenient it seems. Some complain about low pay, working for longer hours than usual, overload of work and many more. However the challenges faced by escorts are totally different from any other career. There are two types of escorts; independent escorts and those working under agencies. Though the challenges they face are the same, their intense is different. Below is a list of some of the challenges of an escort from the point of view of an Escort.

Social stigmatization

In many religions and cultures, sex is termed as sacred. For that reason anyone involved in sex work is treated like an outcast. The stigma that follows them forces a number of former escorts and social workers denounce this career. It is not the act of escorting that make former female escort feel bad but it is people’s judgment. So much shame has been heaped on them for choosing a job which many other people would not choose.

Half the time, we cannot even share with our friends about a disappointing day at work. This stigma has pushed many independent escorts into split identities and self-denial. When we become female escorts, we accept the certainty of the profession with its challenges. We should therefore not be forced into embracing the gist and experiences written by others.

Challenges of an Escort from the Point Of View of an Escort

The cost of marketing yourself

Marketing yourself is very weird to start with. There’s none who enjoys writing their ads. However, if you are an independent escort, this is the only way if you want to attract general audience. Female escorts working under agencies are lucky because the agency takes care of this. Ad costs don’t guarantee you more clients. Unfortunately free or cheap classified ads mostly bring con clients. Therefore you have to pay for the ads.

Images of your face are important for business. However, erasing them once you’ve changed your career will be a challenging task. It’s therefore advised to upload your photos if you’ve made up your mind to make escorting your career. If you take it as a stepping stone to your success then it might haunt you later on in life.

Clients Harassment

Although this is not very common, it has been reported in some cases. Independent escorts in Chennai are the highest victims of harassment by clients compared to those working under agencies. This is because; agents screen their clients before connecting them with their girls. On the other hand, many independent escorts screen their clients upon meeting them. However there’s no career that is 100% safe. Therefore, if your heart is into being a female escort then don’t look back.

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